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New Ocean Salt Flavour KitKat From Japan

New Ocean Salt Flavour KitKat From Japan

By Viroon on 14 May 2020
Senior Creative Editor

Ocean Salt KitKat? Yes, you did not read wrongly.

Nestlé Japan has just released an Ocean Salt KitKat flavour with four paper packaging variations that encourage consumers to turn them into origami versions of sea animals, namely the sea turtle, earless seal, dolphin, and manta ray.

Since 2019, Nestlé has been tackling the problem of marine plastic waste by replacing its plastic packaging with a more environment-conscious paper packaging. With each bag of Ocean Sea Salt KitKats sold, Nestlé Japan is donating 10 yen to "Zero Waste Japan," an organization dedicated to developing zero-waste products. 

Scroll on to see the cute packaging!

Sea Turtle

Nestlé Japan Ocean Salt KitKat-sea-turtlePhoto from Nestlé Japan

Link to origami instructions

Earless Seal

Nestlé Japan Ocean Salt KitKat-sealPhoto from Nestlé Japan

Link to origami instructions


Nestlé Japan Ocean Salt KitKat-dolphinPhoto from Nestlé Japan


Link to origami instructions

Manta Ray

Nestlé Japan Ocean Salt KitKat - Manta-rayPhoto from Nestlé Japan

Link to origami instructions

In these new Ocean Salt KitKats, you can taste the exquisite balance of sweetness from premium white chocolate and sea salt from the Seto Inland Sea blended into a creamy filling. Grab yours now at ? japancrate or  ? omgjapan!

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For more information about Ocean Salt KitKat's and Nestlé's initiatives against plastic waste, do visit their official website here.

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